Thursday, May 29, 2014

Internet Trends 2014 and Big Data

Big Data Trends
1) Uploadable / Findable / Sharable / Real-Time Data Rising Rapidly
2) Sensor Use Rising Rapidly
3) Processing Costs Falling Rapidly...While The Cloud Rises
4) Beautiful New User Interfaces – Aided by Data-Generating Consumers – Helping Make Data Usable / Useful...
5) Data Mining / Analytics Tools Improving & Helping Find Patterns
6) Early Emergence of Data / Pattern-Driven Problem Solving

More Data + More Transparency = More Patterns & More Complexity
Transparency: Instant sharing / communication of many things has potential to make world better / safer place but potential impact to personal privacy will remain on-going challenge...
Patterns: Mining rising volume of data has potential to yield patterns that help solve basic / previously unsolvable problems but create new challenges related to individual rights...

Biggest Re-Imagination of All = People Enabled With Mobile Devices + Sensors Uploading Troves of Findable & Sharable Data

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