Monday, June 24, 2019

The Secret to a Genius Marketing Analytics Organization

By studying 10,000 job postings, Gartner experts uncovered how Genius brands create successful marketing analytics organizations.
CMOs continue to list analytics as a top priority for their marketing organizations. Yet some organizations still lose their data scientists because they haven’t adequately supported them with data engineers. Or they haven’t yet learned the crucial need for data interpreters.

“Since 2007, we’ve seen a lot of hiring for senior roles,” Eubanks said. “Not much has changed.”
Historically, most companies organized and operated by channels and platforms. But there’s a difference between how you organize and how you operate. Today, however, modern organizations are moving toward individual strengths, empowered decision making and an agile framework.
Feeble brands invest in a heavier management layer. Genius brands put their hiring weight into more workers in technology, analytics, and with a stronger strategy bent. They align their operational model to their data stack.
“Genius organizations aren’t hiring more managers,” Eubanks said. “They’re hiring more people to get the work done.”

Gartner research finds that brands it classifies as genius brands align their operational model to their data and analytics stack.

The data study also showed three sets of emerging data and analytics skills: Data engineering,data science and advanced engineering, visualization and reporting.

Gartner research shows three sets of data and analytics skills have recently emerged: data engineering, data science and advanced engineering.

Gartner outlines the evolution of top marketing analytics skills keywords from 2014 to 2018.
Gartner: The evolution of top marketing analytics skills keywords from 2014 to 2018