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75 FREE Data Science Courses on Udemy You Need to Know in 2021


FREE Data Science Courses on Udemy

For your convenience, I have created a table from where you can filter out the course according to Rating, Time to Complete, and Prerequisites.

S/NCourse NameRatingTime to CompletePrerequisites
1.Introduction to Data Science using Python 4.5/52hr 32minNone
2.What is Data Science?4.3/540minNone
3.Learn NumPy Fundamentals (Python Library for Data Science)4.7/51hr 49minNone
4.Essentials of Data Science4.3/51hr 41minBasic statistics and math
5.Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Python & R4.1/58hr 7minNone
6.Python For Data Science4.4/53hr 55minNone
7.Python for Data Science – Great Learning4.3/51hr 55minNone
8.Python Crash Course for Data Science and Machine Learning4.6/51hr 39minNone
9.Introduction to Data Science for Complete Beginners4.4/51hr 56minNone
10.Intro to Data for Data Science4.5/51hr 1minNone
11.Introduction to Python For Data Science 20214.5/557minNone
12.Data Science with Analogies, Algorithms and Solved Problems4.0/51hr 19minBasic mathematics
13.Learn Data Science With R Part 1 of 103.9/58hr 42minBasic Maths,Stats and Programing
14.Maths for Data Science by DataTrained3.6/555min10th class Level math
15.Data Science for Business Leaders: Machine Learning Defined4.4/51hr 58minNone
16.Data Science: Intro To Deep Learning With Python In 20214.3/51hr 54minPython Basics
17.How To Build a Career in Data Analytics and Data Science4.2/51hr 39min None
18.NumPy for Data Science Beginners: 20214.2/51hr 51min Python Basics
19.50 Must-Know Concepts, Algorithms in Machine Learning4.0/554minMachine Learning basics
20.SQL Crash Course for Aspiring Data Scientist4.5/51hr 24minNone
21.Intro To Machine Learning Course With Python: Internship4.2/540min None
22.Explore, Track, Predict the ISS in Realtime With Python4.9/51hr 13minPython basics
23.Implementation of ML Algorithm Using Python4.4/548min Python basics
24.SQL for Data Analysis: Solving real-world problems with data4.5/51hr 57minNone
25.Bootcamp for KNIME Analytics Platform4.5/54hr 13minNone
26.Learn Python: Python in 80 Minutes for Beginners4.5/51hr 20min None
27.Introduction to Spacy for Natural Language Processing4.5/51hr 34minPython and Machine Learning basics
28.Learn Data Analysis using Pandas and Python4.2/51hr 39minNone
29.AI foundations for business professionals4.4/52hr None
30.WEKA – Data Mining with Open Source Machine Learning Tool3.5/53hr 30min Basic maths
31.Introduction to Data Analysis for Government4.4/51hr 12minYou should be a government employee
32.R Basics – R Programming Language Introduction4.5/54hr 6minBasics of statistics and data structure
33.Find Actionable Insights using Machine Learning and XGBoost4.5/537minPython basics
34.Association Mining for Machine Learning4.6/51hr 48min None
35.Master Data Analysis with Python – Intro to Pandas4.6/55hr 9minPython Basics
36.Logistic Regression Practical Case Study4.7/51hr 4minThe basic theory of Logistic Regression
37.Acumen Presents: Prasad Setty of Google on People Analytics4.5/535minNone
38.Planning for Data Collection4.3/530minNone
39.Augmented Data Visualization with Machine Learning4.6/53hr 15minBasic Understanding of Statistics & Business Analysis
40.Python for Data Analysis4.4/51hr 10min Python basics
41.Polynomial Regression, R, and ggplot4.8/51hr 5minBasic R programming
42.Deep Learning Prerequisites: The Numpy Stack in Python V24.6/51hr 59min Linear Algebra, Probability, and Python Programming
43.Artificial Neural Network for Regression4.7/51hr 11min Deep Learning Basics
44.Modern Data Visualization with Oracle Analytics Cloud4.4/53hr 54minBasic Understanding of Reports and Analysis
45.R, ggplot, and Simple Linear Regression4.6/52hr 14minNone
46.Fundamentals Data Analysis & Decision Making Models – Theory4.0/531minNone
47.Baseball Data Wrangling with Vagrant, R, and Retrosheet4.7/52hr 10minR Programming basics
48.Data Visualization in Python Masterclass™ for Data Scientist4.4/51hr 48min Python basics
49.Big Data Analysis With Pandas Data Frame4.6/51hr 43minPython basics
50.Learn Data Cleaning with Python4.1/550minPython basics
51.Tableau Fundamentals for Aspiring Data Scientists4.2/51hr 58minNone
52.Statistics literacy for non-statisticians4.7/51hr 36minNone
53.Python for linear algebra (for absolute beginners)4.8/51hr 49minNone
54.Microsoft Excel – Basic Data Visualization in Excel4.4/51hr 1min Basic understanding of Excel formulas
55.Practical Deep Learning Projects4.9/51hr 54min Machine Learning basics
56.Big Data and Hadoop Essentials4.2/543min None
57.Python AI and Machine Learning for Production & Development4.7/51hr 43minPython Basics
58.The Ultimate Python and Pandas Data Analysis Course4.2/51hr 1minPython Basics
59.Data Visualization with Excel – Crash Course4.4/533minNone
60.Learn Statistical Data Analysis with Python4.4/51hr 2minPython basics
61.Executive Data Storytelling4.4/530min None
62.Data Visualization4.5/51hr 10minNone
63.Excel Data Visualization for Business Analysts4.3/51hr 12minExcel basics
64.Introduction to R4.4/510hr 4minBasic understanding of maths and statistics
65.Data Warehouse basics for absolute beginners in 30 mins4.5/534minBasic Database Understanding
66.Excel Data Validation For beginners4.6/51hr 23minMicrosoft Excel basics
67.R and RStudio for Beginners – A Quick Introduction4.5/51hr 2min None
68.Training Sets, Test Sets, R, and ggplot4.7/51hr 30min Basic understanding of linear and polynomial regression.
69.Introduction to Bayesian Statistics4.7/51hr 19minUnderstanding of probability basics.
70.Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables – The Beginner Course4.6/650minExcel basics
71.Learn Keras: Build 4 Deep Learning Applications4.3/51hr 29minPython basics
72.Learn R for Business Analytics from Basics3.8/51hr 43min None
73.Baseball Database Queries with SQL and dplyr4.5/53hr 2minR Basics
74.CatBoost vs XGBoost – Quick Intro and Modeling Basics4.6/550min Some Python and Modeling experience
75.Genetic Algorithm for Machine Learning4.7/51hr 32min None

And here the list end. So, these are the 75 FREE Data Science Courses on Udemy. I will keep adding more free courses to this list.


I hope these FREE Data Science Courses on Udemy will definitely help you to enhance your data science and machine learning skills. If you have any doubt or questions, feel free to ask me in the comment section.

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