Tuesday, September 17, 2019

USPA.tech - the Open Source Framework to build your owned Customer Data Platform (CDP)

USPA framework - Logical Data Flow

The USPA framework is the Hybrid Open Source Software, to develop Customer Data Platform (CDP) simpler and faster. The primary target is Media Agency, Digital Company, Tech Startup, E-commerce platform, marketing scientist and software developer. I hope my work could help anyone want to build CDP in predictable way.
Another reason is my online course "Introduction to Big Data, Marketing Science , CDP and Ad Tech".

This technical architecture can be scale up 10 million daily active users (DAUs) or more, depends on how you setup it in the Cloud Providers (AWS, Google Cloud,...)

Source code : https://github.com/bigdatavietnam-org/USPA.tech

First of all, you have to build Owned Digital Media Hub first (E.g: a simple website with useful content, Social Media Channels,...)

There are 9 modules in USPA framework:

Open Source Modules:
  • (1) Data Collector: 
  • (2) Unified Data System: The module is built to collect data from multiple sources
  • (3) Data Processing System: core logic of CDP
  • (4) Database Systems
    • (4.1) Log Database: storing event log (pageview, click, play,...)
    • (4.2) Context Data Enrichment: enrich context data (IP to location, web URL to topic models) 
    • (4.3) Profile Database: storing all customer profiles
    • (4.4) Profile Data Enrichment : enrich customer data with Persona Prediction, Lifestyle, Demographics,..
  • (5) API Gateway: control the security and how another systems can pull customer data for business
  • (6) Operations Dashboard: the main tool for Digital Marker, Data Analyst and Business Manager
Closed Source Modules:

  • (7) Predictive Analytics: The data mining system for profile learning, using Machine Learning to classify and cluster data into useful segments
  • (8) Personalization System: build customer interest graph and matching product metadata with customer profile.
  • (9) Personalized Content Delivery System:  micro-target marketing with personalized content  for Customer Engagement

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