Sunday, December 28, 2014

The 12 characteristics of modern application development

Here are 12 attributes that characterize the new mode of application development beginning to make inroads in enterprises:
  1. Mobile: Supporting touch interaction and adaptability .
  2. Cloud-Backed: for back ends in the form of PaaS.
  3. Agile: Incremental, frequent releases. Rapid response to change. 
  4. Continuously Integrated and Delivered: Applications must be integrated to run daily. Heavy reliance on automated testing.
  5. DevOps-Enabled: Developers own deployment or work seamlessly with Ops staff to release, test, refine and rerelease applications to users. 
  6. App Store Delivered and Extended: 
  7. Reactive Analytics Infused: Developers get rich intelligence on application usage. With automation and quick turnaround (e.g. A/B testing of planned features), reactive analytics could display optimized UX and personalized information for user
  8. User Experience-Centric: Focusing on the design and appearance of the application 
  9. Socially Oriented: Integrating of user-interface patterns borrowed from social networks, such as timelines, event streams, social graphs and other social metadata. Data is updated using event-based push-oriented patterns. Integrated search functionality. Seamless support for content elements such as images and video. Integration with consumer or enterprise social networks.
  10. API Factored and Surfaced: use standardized, loosely coupled and lightweight REST call formats to reduce complexity and maximize accessibility.
  11. Lightweight: Less complex software that is less time-consuming to install, learn and use. 
  12. Model-Driven: Rich use of visual tools to support abstraction in the development toolset such as for relations in a data model, business logic flows, and process flows. 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Ad Serving Technology - well-written book for beginners in Ad-tech industry

A clear and concise 400 page introduction to the world of ad serving and digital advertising technology. From an introduction to the entities and infrastructure that enables digital advertising to full coverage of the roles, responsibilities and processes  involved in Media Planning, Buying, Procurement, Creative development, Campaign Setup, Trafficking, Campaign execution, Report Analysis and Optimization.
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Saturday, December 20, 2014

How does Reactive Marketing really work in practice ?

Reactive Analytics for data-driven business

How we would apply reactive analytics in practice ? 
I think the marketing in e-commerce would be got lots of benefits
  1. you can recommend best matched items for user in real-time, 
  2. you can know the interest of user and send to them a email about new promotions with personalized information. 
  3. The most important, you can create a new trend, which is easily viral in all social media. 
Test case with
Simple demo with Lazada and visualizing user's heat-map data

The architecture of Real-time Reactive Marketing platform

Sunday, December 7, 2014

How our Lambda Architecture could fail ?

After coming to the meetup event,, it's very informative event and lots of useful information. Then I have some new ideas , that could solve problems I get during development and deployment using Lambda Architecture in 1 year production at FPT Online, where tons of data hit the server and all system have to make decisions, checking, booking, mining , bidding in near-real-time.
If you miss this talk, you can check this link for more details

Some main issues when deploying and implementing the lambda arch in practice:
not Agile enough "The problem with the Lambda Architecture is that maintaining code that needs to produce the same result in two complex distributed systems is exactly as painful as it seems like it would be. I don’t think this problem is fixable."
Refer link

=> Keep it simple as possible, but not simpler

We are in the dawn of "Fast Data"

Using User Tracking with real-time decisions

=> Fast data is really popular in practice, real-time marketing and marketing automation is the new trend 

I made simple diagram here, for easy understanding, combines cool ideas from with Lambda Architecture to create a new system that reacts faster with 2 types of new data:
  • behavioral data
 (game, interests, sessions, touch, ...)

  • context data 
(location, time, referrer, lead ,...)
Apply Marketing Automation with RFX framework

Monday, December 1, 2014

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