Saturday, November 30, 2013

From FPT Technology Roadmap to setup a data science team

Here the roadmap and the core value:

Core skills for  a data engineering and science team 

  • Frontend Javascript Developer (AngularJS)
    • deep expertise in the latest web technologies.
    • Frontend Dev Buzzword Compliance: HTML5, CSS3/SASS, Bootstrap, AngularJS …
    • strong experience with AngularJS and the surrounding toolchain (Yeoman, Grunt, etc.).
    • a focus on simplicity and great UX.
    • high interest in data visualization with d3.js.
    • the desire to quickly learn and adapt the latest evolutions of frontend web technology.
    • no fear to work with node.js/PostgreSQL/redis based backends.
  • Frontend Web/Mobile Developer (HTML5 / Android / iOS )
  • Backend System Software Engineer
    • Big Data Buzzword Compliance: MapReduce, Hadoop, Hive, Solr/Lucene …
    • processes and analyzes massive amounts of data at minimum computing time.
    • is working at the cutting edge of Big Data and real-time technologies.
    • A background in online advertising technology (adserving, RTB).
  • Data Scientist / Statisticians 
    • an academic degree in a quantitative field, e.g. Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Physics, etc.
    • the desire to quickly learn and adapt new technologies.
    • an analytical mind with a hands-on attitude.
    • substantial knowledge in at least one major programming language (preferably Python and/or C++,  Java).
    • a solid understanding of statistics and machine learning techniques.