Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Benchmark Test for Parallel Processing with Actor Model (with Akka framework)


  • Distributed messages through all processing phases, each phase has a event-handler pool (pre-allocated size).
  • The message, receiving at first phase, would go through all phases in defined flow (a directed graph – aka: topology ).
  • Support: Statistics (likes counting, average, sum, …) and publishing new event (when matching a specific rule)

Result Test (1 second could process 6000 messages)

“TestActor-SIZE-100000″ “TestActor processed 100000 messages, done in (milisecs):18450
“TestActor-SIZE-200000″ “TestActor processed 200000 messages, done in (milisecs):28214
“TestActor-SIZE-500000″ “TestActor processed 500000 messages, done in (milisecs):81132, average 1 milisecs could process 6″
Memory Statistics: test with 500000 messages

Memory Statistics: test with 500000 messages

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