RFX Technology

 RFX, Reactive Function X, the full-stack framework for "fast data" problems

RFX framework

Draft Architecture at my workspace

  1. What is Rfx ?
  2. Why is Rfx ?
  3. Inception and Ideas 
  4. How Rfx was born
  5. Concepts and architecture: The BIG picture
  6. Coding and tutorials from practical problems
  7. Resources for self-studying 

First version 1.0 (Code name: Noah's Ark)

The roadmap for Rfx 1.0 - a Reactive Big Data Framework

  • Reactive Function X Framework (aka: RFX)

Goals (RFVA):
  • Reactive in real-time to data with logic rules , fuzzy-logic rules (RxSQL) and stream algorithms
  • Full Stack (backend+frontend) real-time big data framework
    • Backend: Data Crawler/Importer/Exporter + Kafka + Netty + Akka + Redis
    • Frontend: HTML5 + AngularJS + D3 + Bootstrap
  • Visualize data with Accessibility and Usability (D3.js)
  • Agent-based Processing (Akka): tools for social network simulation problems

Support RQL (Reactive Query Language)
Some examples:
  • subscribe *  from Article where title contains ['Flappy Bird'] and facebook's stats (like + share + comment) > 1000
  • subscribe *  from my Facebook’s Feeds where my facebook’s friends shared and domain contains [‘diadiemanuong.com’] or title contains [‘caffee’]
  • subscribe *  from Article where i could like and category in [‘big data’, ‘computer’,’mobile’]
  • subscribe *  from my Facebook’s Feeds where my facebook’s friends shared and title contains ‘Fast and furious’
  • subscribe, visualize places from my Facebook’s Feeds where i and my wife took photos

Targeting to:
  • Big Data Developers
  • Data Scientists
  • Data Analysts (e.g: marketer , solve marketing problems in real-time )
  • All users, who want to play with stream data

Problems & Domains:

Theory ?

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