Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Why Mobile Ads Don’t Work and how to fix !

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Why Mobile Ads Don’t Work ?

Display ads function well in print and on desktop computers. But there’s a growing consensus that they just don’t work on mobile devices. Here are three reasons why:

People Don’t Like Them
Surveys show that people find mobile ads more intrusive than desktop ads, because mobile is a more private venue. In fact, fully four in five say that mobile ads are “unacceptable.”

There’s No Right Side
PC users are conditioned to find ads in the right margin of the screen—they appear that way on Facebook and in Google search results, for example. But mobile screens are too small to have a usable right margin, so ads pop up in unexpected places.

The “Fat Finger” Effect
Advertisers closely track how many users tap on an ad. But many of those taps are inadvertent, because the ads are tiny—so it’s difficult to judge an ad’s effectiveness.

Strategies for mobile ads:

  1. Add convenience
  2. Offer unique value
  3. Provide social value
  4. Beneficial information 
  5. Right products for right people at right place, right time and right demands