Thursday, October 2, 2014

Data Mining Topics for Digital Marketing

• Mining for Ad Relevance and Ranking
o Ad relevance measurement
o Ad ranking algorithms
o Ad text creation and evaluation
o CTR and conversion rate prediction
o Real-time bidding optimization
• Audience Intelligence & User Modeling
o User Tracking
o Understanding user intent
o Modeling online user behaviors for targeted advertisement
o User segmentation and profiling
o Demographics & location prediction
o Personalized advertising
• Content Understanding and Content Marketing
o Content-targeted advertising
o Opinion/sentiment mining
o Web scale information extraction for online advertisement
o Text mining techniques such as named entity extraction, query classification, keyword extraction, and other topics
o Understanding multimedia content for online advertisement
• Social, Mobile Advertising, and new advertising channels and formats
o Advertising through social networks and microblogging (such as Facebook and Twitter)
o Advertising through deals (such as Groupon and LivingSocial)
o Advertising on new channels such as mobile devices
o Mobile advertising
o Video advertising
o Native advertising
o Viral marketing
• Advertising Ecosystems
o Auction theory in online advertising
o Demand and supply volume prediction
o Measurement of online advertising effectiveness
o Search Engine Marketing, Optimization (SEMs, SEOs)
o Systems and technologies in ad exchange and RTB
• Trust and Privacy
o Consumer privacy and data use policy
o Privacy preserving data mining approaches
o Fraud and spam detection & prevention in online advertisements