Sunday, September 21, 2014

The future of programmatic advertising for mobile eCommerce

 As mobile advertisers strive to capture the attention of interested audiences, performing effective targeting relies on the accurate analysis of a variety of signals. One of those signals, a deep understanding of the content being consumed, is an important part of building an overall model of a mobile device user’s behavior.

Making sense of content is difficult: it requires machine intelligence that is accurate, fast, and flexible. That’s why mobile providers are increasingly relying on a technology known as deep learning — a new class of machine learning algorithms that are skilled at gleaning insights from raw data and are highly adaptable and accurate. While the usage of machine learning to improve ad targeting is not a recent development, newly discovered deep learning algorithms are particularly adept at building hierarchical representations of input data. This richer ability to model input signals has enabled significant advances in a computer’s ability to understand text, images, video, and speech.

Geoff Hinton - Recent Developments in Deep Learning