Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Free ebook: Customer Data Platforms - The Ultimate Handbook 2023


Link to download ebook:


This ebook is written by Chat GPT, You.com and Bing Chat

Content is edited by Trieu Nguyen, the author of LEOCDP.com

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Rise of Customer Data Platforms

Chapter 2: Understanding Customer Data Platforms

Chapter 3: Building a Unified Customer View

Chapter 4: Segmentation, Personalization and Real-Time Behavioral Profiling

What is data segmentation in CDP ?

What is data personalization in CDP ?

What is real-time behavioral profiling in CDP ?

Chapter 5: Implementing CDPs: Challenges and Best Practices

Chapter 6: Evaluating CDP Vendors and Solutions

Chapter 7: Real-World CDP Use Cases and Success Stories

Chapter 8: The Future of Customer Data Platforms

Chapter 9. Emerging trends and opportunities in customer data management

Chapter 10. Conclusion: Thriving in the Age of Customer-Centricity

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