Tuesday, February 18, 2014

new tools for reactive => creative big data

My ideas from some Open Source Projects, that make the World of big data more real-time, more cool, accessible and usable.
Just "connecting the dots" and create a new tool

  • Reactive Functor Framework / Platform (aka: Rfx Framework)

Goals (RFVA):
  • Reactive to data with logic rules , fuzzy-logic rules (RxSQL) and stream algorithms
  • Full Stack (backend+frontend) real-time big data framework
    • Backend: Data Crawler + Kafka + Netty + Redis + Hadoop Tools
    • Frontend: Groovy + AngularJS + D3 + Bootstrap
  • Visualize data with Accessibility and Usability (D3.js)
  • Agent-based Processing (Akka): social network simulation problems

Targeting to:
  • Big Data Developers
  • Data Scientists
  • Data Analysts
  • All users, who want to play with stream data science in social network

Problems & Domains:
  • Social Media Research (Facebook Graph + News) for data-driven marketing
  • Humanity issues (data science)
  • Social Science (Classical Statistics with stream data from news, social data)
  • Real-time Data-Driven Business
  • Time series data visualization